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Image of Seniors on NWISeniors.com, seniors, friends, security, financial freedom, happiness,Outliving our money in retirement is the #1 fear among seniors.  We fear this more than death!  The challenge is there is so much noise out there about money and retirement, it’s hard to know what and who to trust.  NWI Seniors helps seniors not outlive your money by sharing information on topics that impact your finances the most-buying and selling a home, moving, aging-in-place remodeling.   Whether you are a senior citizen or a caregiver, you’ll find great information on better living after 55 on NWISeniors.com.

Being a senior is an awesome experience!  We’re wiser and navigate life better.  But just like in our Senior Couple on NWISeniors.comyouth, seniors face new and unique challenges.  The two greatest challenges for seniors are staying independent and having enough money for the rest of our lives.  On NWI Seniors you’ll find help with staying independent in your home.  You’ll find information on buying and selling your home, movingsenior living, alternative senior housing, and remodeling your home to age-in-place.

Image of Long-term Care Graph on NWISeniors.comFor financial planning, check out the information on protecting your assets against a long-term care event or illness.  More than 70% of people over 65 will experience a long-term care event in their life.  On NWI Seniors, you’ll learn about the 3 ways to pay for long-term care and how to protect your assets so you don’t outlive your money.

You will also find senior citizen tips and videos to help you live better after 55.

Northwest Indiana Seniors Guide on Real Estate, Aging-in-Place, and Not Outliving Your Money book imageAre you a Senior or caregiver who needs help downsizing, selling a home, moving, or worried about outliving your money?  Subscribe and download your free copy of The Northwest Indiana Guide on Real Estate, Aging-in-Place, and Not Outliving Your Money.

For more tips on real estate, aging-in-place, and not outliving your money, request a copy of our free book, The Northwest Indiana Guide for Seniors.